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SEABED 2030 in the MACHC region is organized in four project pillars: 1) Data Discovery, 2) Data Sharing, 3) Finding and Filling Data Gaps, and 4) Close Coordination between the MACHC, Seabed 2030 Regional Data Assembly and Coordination Center for the Atlantic and Indian Oceans and Other Regional Stakeholders. There are three Goals that have been defined in the Seabed 2030 Work Plan

MACHC Seabed 2030 WebApp CLICK IMAGE to view the MACHC-Seabed 2030 WebApp

The MACHC-Seabed 2030 WebApp was developed collaboratively with the Seabed 2030 Regional Data Center for the Atlantic and Indian Oceans to foster communication and coordination among stakeholders within the MACHC region. The WebApp presents several layers of information relating to the most recent GEBCO bathymetry products, existing data in the region, and upcoming mapping efforts.