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Maritime Safety Information (MSI)

Chair, WWNWS: Christopher G. Janus  (U.S.A. - NAVAREA IV and XII Coordinator)

The United States (U.S.) is the NAVAREA IV and XII Coordinator and Brazil is the NAVAREA V Coordinator under the IMO/IHO World-Wide Navigational Warning Service (WWNWS), which means the internationally and nationally coordinated service for the promulgation of navigational warnings. As a NAVAREA Coordinator, the U.S. and Brazil have the responsibility for promulgating Maritime Safety Information (MSI) in the form of navigational warnings, from the coastal countries within the NAVAREA. Such information includes the following: failure and/or changes to major navigational aids, newly discovered wrecks or natural hazards including icebergs in or near main shipping lanes, hazardous military operations and areas where search and rescue, anti-pollution operations and cable-laying or other underwater activities are taking place. NAVAREA IV, V, and XII are staffed 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Contact details to submit information for inclusion in a Navigational Warning message:

Phone: 571-557-5455 or 800-362-6289, Email: NavSafety@nga.mil

Phone: 55-21-2189-3210, Email: avradio@marinha.mil.br

The Maritime Safety Information (MSI) Training Matrix below provides a color-coded representation that describes the level of MSI support National Coordinators provide to NAVAREA IV, V and XII. The IHO will use this matrix to identify and prioritize MSI training and support within the MACHC.

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  Country / Territory MSI STATUS 2022     Country / Territory MSI STATUS 2022
1 Anguilla   26 Aruba (Netherlands)  
2 Antigua & Barbuda   27 Bonaire (Netherlands)  
3 Bahamas 28 Curaçao (Netherlands) (NAVTEX Stn)  
4 Barbados   29 Saba (Netherlands)  
5 Belize   30 Sint Eustatius (Netherlands)  
6 Bermuda (NAVTEX Station)   31 Sint Maarten (Netherlands)  
7 Brazil (NAVAREA V)   32 Nicaragua  
8 Colombia   33 Panama  
9 Costa Rica   34 St. Kitts & Nevis  
10 Cuba   35 St. Lucia  
11 Dominica   36 St. Vincent & Grenadines  
12 Dominican Republic   37 Suriname  
13 El Salvador   38 Trinidad & Tobago  
14 Guadaloupe (France)   39 UK - British Virgin (UK)  
15 Guyane (France)   40 UK - Cayman (UK)  
16 Martinique (France)   41 UK - Montserrat (UK)  
17 Saint-Barthélemy (France)   42 UK - Turks & Caicos (UK)  
18 Saint-Martin (France)   43 USA  
19 Grenada   44 Puerto Rico (USA)  
20 Guatemala   45 US Virgin Islands (USA)  
21 Guyana   46 Venezuela  
22 Haiti        
23 Honduras        
24 Jamaica        
25 Mexico        
Clear: No training, not providing MSI, no point of contact.
Red: Received training, not providing MSI,no regular coordination with national coordinator
Green: Fulfilling all obligations; regular coordination with national coordinator.