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Disaster Response

MACHC Region

Per IHO Resolution 1/2/2005, a draft plan of disaster response has been prepared to have the MACHC to respond to disasters in accordance with the Reference. This will be done in two steps: a) Preparation phase; and b) Implementation phase following a disaster (see Draft MACHC Disaster Response Plan). National and Regional disaster management organizations in the MACHC region must have the capability to effectively respond to emergencies. A list of key documents related to emergency response can be accessed through the links on the left.

National Points of Contact
Members Associate Members Observers
Brazil Netherlands Antigua and Barbuda Dominica
Colombia Suriname Barbados Spain
Cuba Trinidad and Tobago Belize EOMAP
Dominican Republic United Kingdom Costa Rica  
France United States El Salvador  
Guatemala Venezuela Grenada  
Guyana   Haiti  
Jamaica   Honduras  
Mexico   Nicaragua  
    Saint Lucia  
    Saint Kitts and Nevis  
    St. Vincent & Grenadines