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Capacity Building Committee (CBC)

Chair: Lucy Fieldhouse (United Kingdom)

CBC Working Group Documents

The Capacity Building Committee (CBC) of the Meso American-Caribbean Sea Hydrographic Commission (MACHC) was formed to assess and assist in sustainable development and improvement of the States of the MACHC Region and in particular to assist coastal states within the Region to improve capacity building of hydrographic offices and with hydrographic activities in support of the safety of navigation. MACHC-CBC is closely related with the IHO-Sub-Committee (IHO-CBSC) and acts in accordance with the IHO-CBSC strategic plan and identifies requirements and action plans to contribute to capacity building in this region.

The MACHC periodically assesses where its members are in these three stages, using the IHO CB Procedure 11.   This allows the MACHC to effectively build and focus its capacity building plan activities.   See the  "Assessment of Capacity Building Phases of MACHC Coastal States" and its keys.