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MACHC ENCOnline Viewer

MACHC ENCOnline Viewer

The MACHC ENCOnline viewer uses Esri's Maritime Chart Server Technology, providing a seamless view of ENC datasets as viewed through an ECDIS. The viewer allows for certain parameters to be modified, changing such display properties as color scheme, depth contours (shallow, safety and deep), depth units, depth shades, point and area symbolization, and cell extents. Datasets are searchable by S-57 OBJNAM encoding as well as pick lists through map click. Both of these features expose further attribute information and the ability to zoom to features.

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MACHC International Charting Coordination (MICC) WG
Chairman: Bernice Mahabier (Suriname)
Vice-Chairman: Brazil, Ricardo Freire (BR)

MICC (main) | Working Group Documents

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At the 12th MACHC in ST. Kitts, the Conference considered and adopted the HSSC proposal to establish a coordinated group, the MACHC International Charting Coordination (MICC) Working Group (previously known as MACHC International Chart Committee), to develop and maintain integrated international chart schemes for both paper "International (INT) Charts and Electronic Nautical Charts (ENC) coverage for the region. Prior to this, INT Chart and ENC development activities were addressed by two independent committes, the International Chart Committee and the Electronic Chart Committee.

The MICC is tasked with the development and maintenance of official nautical charts in both paper and digital formats, including:

  • Develop and maintain an integrated international chart scheme for the region
  • Ensure proper maintenance and updating of nautical documents
  • Develop proposals for new/amended INT Chart Schemes
  • Coordinate development/maintenance of ENC Schemes

- MACHC MS Catalogs

- MICC Terms of Reference/Rules of Procedures

- List of participants

Service Links:

- Google Earth KMZ ENC Layer

- OGC Compliant WMS ENC Layer

- ESRI Map Service of ENC Layer

(Note: To view this application you need to have Google Earth installed in your computer.)



Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) WG
Chairman:Jim Rogers (US/NGA)
Vice Chairman: (UK)

MSDI (main) | Working Group Documents

At the 19th MACHC Meeting, members of the Marine Economic Infrastructure Programme (MEIP) Working Group agreed to establish a regional Marine Spatial Data Infraestucture (MSDI) Working Group (previously know as Marine Economic Infrastructure Programme (MEIP)) following the discussion about the need to progress from the very narrow focus of the MEIP.  This transition was endorsed by several Members, Associate Members, and Observers at the MEIP WG Meeting.  An initial decision from the MEIP WG Meeting was to establish new Terms of Reference (TOR) to reflect the expanded role of the MACHC MSDI WG”

- MSDI Terms of Reference / Rules of Procedures

Active Participants

United Kingdom
United States



Capacity Building Committee (CBC)
Chair:Lucy Fieldhouse (U.K.)

CBC (main) | Committee Documents

The Capacity Building Committee (CBC) of the MesoAmerican-Caribbean Sea Hydrographic Commission (MACHC) was formed to assess and assist in sustainable development and improvement of the States of the MACHC Region and in particular to assist coastal states within the Region to improve capacity building of hydrographic offices and with hydrographic activities in support of the safety of navigation. MACHC-CBC is closely related with the IHO-CBC and acts in accordance with the IHO-CBC strategic plan and identifies requirements and action plans to contribute to capacity building in this region.

- CBC Terms of Reference/Rules of Procedures
- MACHC Capacity Building Plan for 2013-2017

Performance Assessment Report

Prior to the establishment of the MACHC CBC, a report providing results of lessons learned and related recommendations of a three-year capacity building pilot project supported by the MACHC in partnership with the Gulf of Honduras Project from 2008-2011 was developed. In accordance with the IHO capacity building phases, this effort focused on providing Hydrography Type 2 (training on basic hydrographic survey practices - single beam surveys - and related data processing). The final report Performance Assessment Report of the MACHC Hydrographic Surveying Capacity Building Partnership with the Gulf of Honduras project (2008-2011) was a pilot project initiated under the MACHC electronic Chart Committee Working Group 1 that successfully demonstrated the potential for accessing previously untapped international resources to support hydrographic capacity building, particularly in the acquisition of survey equipment that the countries would not have otherwise been able to attain via limited IHO Capacity Building resources.